Knocker Ball - The Most Fun and Safe Contact Sport You Will Ever Get to Experience

People really love sports and similar activities, but nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like contact sports. If you want to experience a contact sport that is fun and engaging without getting injured then the Knocker Ball™ is the perfect product for you. It is the new contact sport that is gaining a lot of attention in America today. The Knocker Ball is a unique single chamber inflatable sphere that you put on your body. With it in place, it gives you optimum protection while at the same time gives your body optimum protection from impact. With the Knocker Ball, you can bump into your other friends or bounce around while inside the ball. The KnockerBall has handles and shoulder straps that will allow you to fit securely inside the ball while in use. With the Knocker Ball, you can easily engage in games wherein you knock your friends out, roll on the ground or defy gravity and bounce off of the ground without any unnecessary stress or damage to your body. With the Knocker Ball, not only will you have a fun and truly engaging contact sport; you also get to thoroughly exercise your body with minimal risk for injury.

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