Knot Out Brush - The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Rid of Knots on the Coat of Your Pet

If you have a dog or cat that has a really long coat then you most definitely like the look, but you also most likely hate having to groom your pet and remove knots. Instead of using conventional knot removing tools or scissors to get rid of these knots, you will want to use the Knot Out Brush™ instead. It is a tool specially designed to get rid of knots and will allow you to do so for your pet without causing any pain and discomfort. Conventional knot removal tools feature a metal construction and are design to pull onto your pet's coat which can definitely be painful for your beloved pet. The KnotOut Brush however features wide and soft bristles that make it easy to comb through your pet's coat without causing pain or discomfort. Should you encounter knots while you comb. The Knot Out Brush features rotating blades that can easily cut through the knot. These blades are protected with a guard on their tips so it will not come into contact with your pet's skin, preventing accidental cuts. With the Knot Out Brush, you should easily be able to get rid of knots on your pet's coat while at the same time achieving a great look for your pet.

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