Kobalt Xtreme Access - The Powerful Tool Set That Can Replace All Those Unwieldy Wrenches and Sockets

Do you have a set of wrenches and sockets that are not only unwieldy to use, but also unwieldy to store? Is that complete set of varied sizes taking up a complete cabinet or drawer in your already cramped garage? What you need to take care of that is the Kobalt Xtreme Access™. Kobalt Xtreme Access features tools to be used in a ratchet and socket set combination. But it is unlike conventional sets because the new sockets and the go-through design of the ratchets allow each socket to replace 16 conventional sockets. Go-through design eliminates the need for deep sockets, already halving your socket count. What's more is, it allows you to work in confined spaces because it automatically lowers the profile of the tool. Couple that with the revolutionary new sockets that work on multiple kinds of nuts, including weird shapes such as 8-point, 12-point, and torx types , and you have a compact and efficient way to deal with all those ratchet and socket jobs that forced you to wade into your museum-like collection of sockets. You owe it to yourself to get the easier, simpler way to work with all those nuts and bolts. You need Kobalt Xtreme Access. Get one today, and you will find that no matter what the project, Kobalt Xtreme Access can help you get the job done.

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