Kreg Jig - The Wood Joining Choice of Professionals, Available to All Today

Building with wood can be very rewarding and satisfying, however it can be very difficult to build top quality joints for your wood projects. Dowels and biscuit joints are complicated and require glue. What's more is, even if you do get them to stick, it is very hard to make the joints look presentable. With the Kreg Jig™, all of these problems are addressed with the easy to use Kreg Jig Master System. The Kreg Jig comes with a drill that will help you bore perfect diagonal pocket holes for your screws into the wood. No need to make measurements on both boards, all you need is to make holes on one of your pieces and the Kreg Jig will do the rest. The Kreg Jig ensures that each and every pocket hole is perfect, every time. After that, you simply join your joints using the self-tapping wood screws that come with your Kreg Jig Master System, which are tough, but do not crack the wood. Did you notice? You don't need glue for the Kreg System, their joints are just that tough! The Kreg Jig makes wood joining so simple that you will soon find yourself building deck chairs, book cases, shelves, storage cabinets, anything you can think of. It makes working with wood easy and quick, which is why it is the preferred wood joining system for professionals - now available to you in the Kreg Jig Master System today.

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