Kruncher - The Crunch Machine Owen McKibben Created to Burn Your Carbs and Give You Sexy Abs

Having a flat stomach with ripped abs is always sexy to look at and is definitely a confidence booster, but achieving these abs is not a very easy process to go through. With the Kruncher® however, you are guaranteed to have sexy and ripped abs with just 5 minutes a day. Fitness expert Owen McKibben created this crunch machine in order to give people a convenient way to exercise their abs yet at the same time make the exercise more comfortable to do while still delivering amazing results. What's great about the Kruncher is that you can use it while sitting on a chair, which does not cause any back or neck straining. The basic Kruncher exercise is a lot more effective than usual crunches, and engages your entire core. You can also employ various positions and moves with the Kruncher, allowing you to specifically target the hard to exercise areas of your body like the lower abs, oblique's and even your hip flexors. And with three adjustable levels of resistance, the Kruncher is the machine that will help you burn a lot of carbs and give you the sexy abs you have always wanted in just 5 minutes a day.

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