Kurio Touch 7S - Great User Reviews on this Ideal Android Tablet for Kids and the Whole Family

Are you planning on purchasing a tablet computer that not only you but also your kids can enjoy? The Kurio Touch 7S™ is the perfect Android tablet for you and your family. The latest Kurio tablet is a vast improvement over the original Kurio Touch device. It is faster and more powerful than the previous generation, allowing you to run apps smoother than before. You also get a variety of pre-installed music, educational apps, and games that your children will surely love. As seen on www.getkurio.com, not only is the Kurio Touch 7S loaded with a lot of fun apps and more powerful hardware, but it also boasts a much improved and exclusive web filtering system that you can easily configure in order to block out harmful and inappropriate content that may not be suitable for your child. Many reviews from parents and various family members show their love for the Kurio Touch 7S and that it makes them feel safer knowing that the children in the family can fully enjoy the capabilities of this powerful tablet to play games, music, videos as well as allow them to read various eBooks and surf the web without being exposed to the various dangerous content that litters the Internet.

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