Kyoto Kleen - The Natural Odor Eliminator Product That Leaves Any Room Free from Pet and Smoke Smells

Our homes can become invaded by all sorts of unsavory odors. Stinky shoe smells in the closet. Pet smells on the couch or rug. Even fish and meat smells sticking to the refrigerator. These bad odors make our homes less attractive, and less comfortable to live in. Regular sprays and products can be used to mask the odor, but when they start to wear off, you get a mix of sickly sweet air freshener and stinky odor because you never really got rid of that bad smell. If you want to get rid of these odors, try Kyoto Kleen™, the natural odor eliminator that puts other products to shame. Kyoto Kleen contains bamboo charcoal, the air freshening secret that has kept Asian homes smelling fresh for centuries. This charcoal converts the bad odors to fresh odors, so all you have to do is put Kyoto Kleen where it needs to work and leave it there. Clear out a smoke smell from the kitchen. Get your closet smelling fresh. Make the rug smell clean and pet-free.When Kyoto Kleen has run out of juice, all you have to do is put it in the sun, and its air freshening power will recharge. Reviews agree that Kyoto Kleen really does eliminate odors like no other product can. Get the true air freshener, get Kyoto Kleen.

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