Lammily Doll - Reviews Say this is a Realistic and Versatile Doll that Your Child Will Love

Does your child love to play with dolls? If you are planning to give your child another doll as a gift then the Lammily Doll™ is the one that you will want to get for your child. What a lot of reviews love about the Lammily Doll is that it is based off a real teenager which gives it a face as well as a body shape that looks real and gives the Doll a natural look that other dolls just cannot have. Another great feature of the Lammily doll is that it has numerous points of articulation allowing you to have it posed in a very natural way. As seen on, another advantage that the Lammily Doll has is that it is very easy to customize. The Lammily Doll features the Lammily Marks that will allow you to put many customizations onto the Lammily Doll's skin like bruises, bandages, blush on and many more. You can also choose to use the included Temporary Tattoo set on the Lammily Doll's skin. This doll set also includes a wide range of styling fashion that you can use on the doll so your child will definitely have a lot of fun playing with and customizing her Lammily Doll.

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