Lappy - Use this Hands Free Tablet Computer Holder and Protective Case in the Car, Bed, Kitchen and More

Tablet computers are the hottest thing to sweep the consumer electronics market. Although tablets like the iPad, Asus, Acer, and the Samsung Galaxy may be convenient, they can put a strain on the body when you have to use them for long periods of time. That's why you need the Lappy™, the best ergonomic, all-in-one tablet holder and protective case for your tablet. With the hands free Lappy, you can stop the slouching and straining that occurs when you use a tablet, whether in the car, the bed, the kitchen , or anywhere. This will in turn reduce the fatigue and discomfort in your arm, hand, neck, and back that comes from repeated use that type of computer. It is almost like turning your table into a laptop. The Lappy also contains a comfy removable wedge-shaped pillow to comfort and support your back. This product is not only a tablet holder but is also a protective carrying case that will keep your computer safe when you are on the go. Also available with the Lappy is the Steady Snap hand grip. This lets you hold the camera steady and can also be used as a viewing stand for your tablet. Lappy is great when you want to bring your iPad or other tablet along during travel, especially those long car trips. Lappy comes in your choice of color and design. Choose from green, white, blue, or pink, and select a design of either polka dot, palm trees, skull, or zebra print.

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