Laser X - Reviews say this Product Gives You a Fun and Exciting Laser Tag Experience

Playing tag is without a doubt a staple game for a lot of kids, but if you want your child to enjoy this type of game in a more high-tech manner then Laser X™ is the product to get for your child. The Laser X kit comes with everything needed for 2 players to enjoy the game. As seen on, the kit includes 2 LaserX Blasters and 2 Laser X Vests. During playtime, all your child needs to do is to aim at the Laser X vest that the opponent wears and pull on the trigger. Should there be a direct hit, the Laser X Vest will light up, indicating the successful hit. There are a number of features that makes using the Laser X really fun. You can set the toys to work for either the red or blue team to indicate which players are allies or enemies. Your child can also choose to go rouge and go against both red and blue teams. A lot of reviews also love that the Laser X has no limit to the number of players that your child can play with or against. All they need to have is their own Laser X kits and your child should have a blast the more players are present.

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