Lava Thaw - Reviews Say That this Product Does Allow Meat to Thaw Faster

Meat-based dishes are some of the most mouth-watering and delicious ones that you can find but preparing meals using meat can be quite annoying and difficult as you will have to spend a lot of time waiting for the meat to thaw which can make preparing meat dishes quite a chore. If you want the meat to thaw much faster without having to use heaters or your microwave oven then the Lava Thaw™ is one product that you will surely love. It is a specially designed food mat that can greatly help in making your meats thaw faster than before. To use, all that you will need to do is simply place the meat that you want to cook onto the Lava Thaw and in just a few minutes, the meat will be thawed and ready for preparation. LavaThaw features thermal transfer technology that absorbs the heat from the air and then concentrates and radiates it to the meat that is being thawed, making the process a whole lot faster. The Lava Thaw features a slant design that allows the moisture from the meat to simply just slide off of it, allowing it to thaw even faster. Reviews also love that the Lava Thaw is dishwasher safe, so it can be thoroughly free of meat debris and contaminants after use.

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