Les Mills Pump Workout - Shape Your Body with Lean Muscle Full of Power, Without The Unattractive Bulk

Exercise is the best way to lose weight and shape your body. But when we are shaping up, we don't necessarily want to bulk up. Problem is, muscles are the best way to give your body shape and form. Fact: it's natural for us to have some fat, but we will still look toned and sexy if there are well formed muscles under that layer of natural healthy fat, because the muscles will pull in your skin and shape your body. By engaging the rep effect - achieved by using the Les Mills Pump Workout™ system which focuses on more repetitions with lighter weights to build muscle that has shaping power, but is lean and sexy. The Les Mills Pump Workout will help you achieve the rep effect by effectively teaching you the pump system through its eight DVD instructional set. The pump workout system is taught in over 80 countries as the most effective way to build lean muscle, and it is now available to you for use in the comfort of your own home. The Les Mills Pump Workout also comes with the only piece of exercise equipment you need, the light barbell that you will do up to 800 reps with, per session. Manufactured by Beachbody to help you become lean, fit and sexy, the Les Mills Pump Workout is the only way to shape up without bulking up.

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