Lidtastic - Cover for Food Bowls and Trays That Reviews Say Makes Cooking and Food Storage a Whole Lot Easier

A lot of food in your house most likely gets stored inside bowls and pans, but finding covers for them can be pretty hard, so you usually end up with spills and mess that can make food storage through conventional means quite annoying. With the Lidtastic™ however, storing food and even cooking them will be a whole lot more convenient and mess-free. Lidtastic lids are made out of silicone which makes them soft and stretchable. This is not only an aesthetic feature, as this allows the Lidtastic to easily cover the edges of almost all sizes of bowls and pans in the kitchen. Placing the Lidtastic on a bowl for example, creates a good seal that prevents air from escaping, making food stay hot and fresh for much longer. Lidtastic is also over safe, so you can use it for cooking dishes in the microwave or in the oven and it should help make food cook faster and evenly. A lot of people who have bought Lidtastic love the fact that not only has it made cooking and storing food much easier than before, but Lidtastic has also drastically reduced the mess that food spills from the bowl or pan can add to the kitchen. Lidtastic is also dishwasher safe so it is one kitchen accessory that gives a lot of benefits without adding too much hassle.

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