Light Rod - Fill Every Room with Light with this Wireless Remote Control LED Light

Are you familiar with situations where there is a sudden outage of power and you are forced to light a candle or use a flashlight but find it hard to do so? For a much easier to use yet bright source of light, the Light Rod™ is the perfect tool for you. It will easily provide illumination to your room yet is easy to activate as well. This amazing illumination device features LED lights which, unlike most artificial light sources, can only last for so long, LED lights can burn for more than 100,000 hours. The LightRod also does not require any cords or plugs to be attached to it as it simply recharges on its base. While charging, the Light Rod also acts as a wireless lamp, and you can turn it on or off even when at a distance. This makes it the perfect lighting tool during a black out and you can't see a thing. With its included remote control, the Light Rod's brightness settings can also be adjusted with ease, even from a distance. And because the Light Rod comes in a compact form factor, it can be used to illuminate even tight spaces in your home. The Light Rod is the best emergency lighting tool you can purchase for your house.

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