Lil Lamps LED - These Compact and Portable Lights will Allow You to Get Adequate Lighting around Your Home without Difficult Installations

Some nooks and crannies inside the house like the closet, cabinet and other spaces can be quite dark and that installing a light bulb the traditional way in these tight spaces can be near impossible, and will surely require someone with a lot of technical knowledge in electronics in order to pull-off. It you are looking for a light source that is effective, compact and easy to install then the Lil Lamps LED™ is the product for you. To use, simply peel off the protective adhesive layser of the Lil Lamps LED, stick it onto your desired area, and once in place, just pull on the cord and you will get illumination right away. What's great about the LilLamps LED is that it provides peripheral light from ultra-bright LEDs but without blinding your eyes. Also, the LilLampsLED light can be tilted up and down, allowing you to get the perfect angle for your lighting need. What's great about the Lil Lamps LED is that you can simply slide it off of its base and you can now use it as a portable lantern should you need one. The Lil Lamps LED is powered by triple A batteries making them very easy to power and that the LEDs can last for 100,000 hours before failing giving you a long lasting and very reliable light source.

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