Lint Genie - This Product Will Make it Very Easy for You to Get Rid of Ugly Looking Lint

If there is something that you most definitely will hate to find on your clothing it has to be lint, as the material can make your clothes dirtier and unappealing than they actually are. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to easily remove lint from clothing then the Lint Genie™ is definitely the perfect product for you. Lint Genie is very easy to use. All you need to do is drop Lint Genie into the washing machine as you wash your clothing. The specially design microfibers that the LintGenie has will catch lint, fuzz and hair from your clothing while they wash, and once the process is done, you will be rewarded with perfect-looking, lint-free clothing. Aside from the aesthetic problems that lint can have on your clothing, there is also the potential problem of lint, hair and fur clogging up the drains in your house, which can cause a hefty plumbing bill. Since the Lint Genie removes the lint from your clothing and allows you to dispose of the lint, hair and fur from clothing properly, the Lint Genie is also an effective tool at helping to prevent the clogs to the drains inside your home as well.

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