Lint Lizard - Effective Vacuum Attachment Will Clean Lint from Dryer Vents and Improve Your Dryers Performance

Have you noticed your dryer becoming less and less capable of drying out your clothes? Does it seem to be heating up more, or working harder just to get the same results as when it was brand new? This could be because there is built up lint in its vents. Get the Lint Lizard™ and you can say goodbye to clogged-up vents. The Lint Lizard attaches to any vacuum hose, and will fit into your dryer directly. Put LintLizard in and watch it suck up all the lint that got past your lint guard. You don't want your dryer wasting heat on the useless lint hiding in the vents. And you definitely do not want a dangerous vent fire, which can easily be prevented by making sure your dryer is working efficiently. By using the Lint Lizard, you can reduce the time you use your dryer, because it won't be wasting energy heating up lint. You will also save yourself from hundreds of dollars in repair costs and you will be freeing yourself from the risks of a vent fire. In addition to that, you can also use the Lint Lizard to clean other hard to reach places in your home with its long, flexible hose. Countless reviews say that the Lint Lizard is probably the best thing you can do for your dryer, so make sure protect your dryer with the Lint Lizard, and get one today.

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