Listen Up - Hear Better Than You Ever Have With This Personal Sound Amplifier

Does this sound familiar? You can't hear what you are watching because of your bad hearing, so you turn up the volume, and everyone else complains. You're out with friends and family, but you can't hear the conversation a few seats down the table. You are walking on the street, and you miss someone calling out your name because you can't hear as well. If it does sound familiar, then you need Listen Up™, the Personal Sound Amplifier. Unlike most hearing aids, which are conspicuous, listen up looks simply like a music playing device. It is smaller than a credit card, so it's easy to carry around wherever you go, and ready for use whenever you need to listen in. As seen on TV, ListenUp is a must for anybody with hearing problems, and even those without. Listen Up is so powerful it will help you hear a pin drop from across the room. You can use it to watch television while your partner sleeps. Walk in the park and hear the singing of the birds. Go trekking in and hear the sounds of nature. There is a whole different world of sound waiting for you to hear, and all it takes is for you to Listen Up.

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