Litter Robot - This Self-Cleaning Cat Box Cleans for You and Saves Money on Litter

If you have a cat that you really love at home then even you cannot deny how time-consuming and messy it can get to clean your cat's litter box. If you are looking for a litter box that is easy and mess-free to clean then the Litter Robot™ is what you should get. It is a state of the art self-cleaning litter box that will make the experience of owning a cat a truly hassle free one. The Litter Robot may not look like your usual litter box, but its shape and design is key to this product's amazing function. The Litter Robot features a weight sensor that detects the weight of your cat. After your cat leaves the interior of the Litter Robot, the products globe designed dome will start to rotate 7 minutes after your cat leaves. What this does is it separates the clean litter from the waste, and that the waste will then simply drop down onto the waste receptacle drawer at the bottom of the machine. Reviews not only love the fact that the Litter Robot frees them from the need to clean, rake and maintain the litter box manually but they also love the fact that the Litter Robot saves a lot of litter, negating the need of having to buy litter constantly. This results in a lot of money savings in the long run. It also helps that the Litter Robot is quite durable, with some cat owners having used the product for years without any problems whatsoever.

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