Little Birdie - Get a Reminder to Water Your Dry House Plants with this Compact Monitor

Plants are a great addition to any home, making one look more colorful and lively. The Little Birdie™ plant monitor can help plant owners easily monitor their plant's health, making them last longer. While plants definitely make a house look a lot better, you might forget to properly care for your plants due to being very busy or having a hectic schedule. The Little Birdie system is the solution to your problem. This device not only looks great thanks to a colorful bird design that can add to the looks of your plant decorations, it also monitors the water in the soil to let you know if your plants need watering or not! If the probes under the Little Birdie plant monitor detect that there is not enough water in the soil and roots of your plant, sends out a signal to make the Little Birdie sing, letting you know that your plants needs to be watered. The Little Birdie's probes are so accurate that they are perfect for use with exotic plants that require specific levels of water to survive. While the Little Birdie can be used to monitor your plants indoors, they are also durable enough for monitoring your outdoor plants! The Little Birdie is definitely a great addition to your garden or indoor plant decorations.

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