Living Bubble - Reviews Love that this Product Works Great as a Beautiful and Unique Decoration for Virtually Any Room

Do you want to decorate a free area of your wall, but no matter what decorations you add like paintings, photographs, plants and the like, the decorations still end up looking flat and boring? If you want something truly unique and exciting yet at the same time is still without a doubt beautiful and pleasing to the eyes then the Living Bubble™ is definitely the decoration piece that you are looking for. It is a clear acrylic, semi-spherical shaped fish bowl that you can easily attach to any wall. To use, all you need to do is peel off the adhesive cover on the flat portion of the LivingBubble and simply stick it to a flat area on your wall, without the need to use drills, nails, fasteners and others; it's that simple! The Living bubble also comes with adjustable LED lighting, so not only will you be able to put fish, turtles or other small pets inside the Living Bubble, but you also get custom backlighting that will surely make it a really beautiful decoration, with a lot of reviews extremely happy with how Living Bubble has drastically improved the look of their room or living room with very little work and virtually no tools required.

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