Loudmouth Leo - The Talking Lion Toy That Is Fun for Kids of All Ages

Loudmouth Leo™ is ready to talk up a storm and brighten up your day. All you have to do is plug him in and he will sing, dance, talk, rap, and entertain! As seen on TV, this talking lion is more than a toy, he's a buddy you will love having around because he will never run out of things to say. Loudmouth Leo just needs you to plug him in to any device of your choosing. Whether it is an mp3 player, a microphone, a cell phone, a computer, or other audio device, Loudmouth Leo will transmit and amp up the sound, making anything sound better and bring life to all that audio. Hook up Loudmouth Leo to your mp3 player and have him sing and dance to your choice of music. Attach Loudmouth Leo to your cell phone and have a real conversation with the person on the other end of the line, with Loudmouth Leo as your transmitter and expresser. Log Leo into your computer and have him be the avatar of your chatmates or a character from your games. Even make Loudmouth Leo be your front man by hooking him up to a microphone and having him speak up for you. Loudmouth Leo does the talking, all the time, anytime, because his batter powered antics can be brought anywhere you need them. Get Loudmouth Leo today!

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