Luckys Leash - Walking Your Dog Has Never Been Easier with this Collar and Leash Combo

Dogs love to go out for walks and that this is also essential to keeping them as healthy as possible. If you are tired of having to look for and attach a leash to your dog's collar before going for a walk then Luckys Leash™ is the product that you should use. What's great about Lucky's Leash is that it combines a dog collar and a leash in one. As seen on, to use, simply attach the Luckys Leash onto your dog's neck like you would a regular dog collar. It is made from high quality materials that makes it comfortable for your pet to wear yet at the same time is guaranteed to be as reliable as you want a collar to be. The product is also easily adjustable to fit your dog's body well. When you need to walk your dog, simply pull on the leash area of the Lucky's Leash to release the 5 foot retractable cord. This means that you will not need to rummage through your collection of leashes just to get the one that you need. The cord also features a 3x weight to pull strength ratio, which makes the cord just as reliable as the collar itself. The product can also be purchased as a collar or harness giving you a lot of flexibility as to how this product can be used and fitted onto your pet.

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