Lulla Pets - Hear these Recordable, Talking Stuffed Animals Toys

Are you having trouble putting your child to sleep, or simply do not have the time or the energy to sing a lullaby or read a bedtime story to your child after each and every long and tiring day? With the help of Lulla Pets™, you will not have this problem ever again. Lulla Pets are amazing stuffed animals that are not only cute and cuddly, but are also capable of playing back music, stories and even talking as well. Lulla Pets come in many different designs that are sure to appeal to any child. There are bear, monkey, elephant designs and many more. What makes these toys special is that embedded inside each and every Lulla Pet is a rechargeable MP3 player and recorder where you can store music, bedtime stories and is even recordable, allowing you to make special messages for your child to listen to. Lulla Pets are made out of 100% washable cotton that is durable enough to last a lot of your child's hugs and kisses. Not only are Lulla Pets suitable as bedtime companions, they can be also used for sleepovers, camping, traveling and many more. Once they get Lulla Pets, your children will surely love them!

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