Luma Stones - Get Portable Illumination with These Lighted Rocks

Do you do chores or tasks that require artificial lighting but your flashlights are just not practical to use for such applications? Luma Stones™ are what you might want to try using then. As seen on, LumaStones feature 8 super bright, battery powered LEDs that are encased inside a seamless stone-like exterior. What's great about the product is that it is activated by touch and that simply tapping on the Luma Stones will turn them on. The Luma Stones' smart touch exterior diffuses the light from the 8 energy efficient LEDs inside the product, giving off a soft yet at the same time very useful glow. Thanks to the Luma Stones' truly compact size, they can be easily used as a light source for a wide variety of work that you may need to do like working under the sink or inside a cabinet or closet for example. The Luma Stones also power off after 15 seconds, which means that this product has a pretty long battery life and should translate to much more practical uses. The Luma Stones also produce light in 360 degrees which means that the product is great for use as a bedside light source or maybe to add more ambience to your house's living room or bedroom.

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