Lumbar Express - This Product Provides Great Back Support and Comfort for Those Who Sit for Extended Periods Everyday

Do you do a lot of sitting while at work or at home or if you do a lot of driving and activities that require you to sit then it is quite possible that you experience back pain and discomfort after a few hours. If you are looking for a product that will provide comfort and support to your back while you sit then Lumbar Express™ is definitely what you are looking for. This portable lumbar support pillow can easily be brought wherever you go and will provide all of the comfort and support that your back needs for it to be free from pain or discomfort. What makes this product portable is because it is inflatable. This allows you to easily roll the LumbarExpress when not in use. When you need the back support that it gives, simply unfold the Lumbar Express, open the air tube with your fingers and the product auto-inflates! Then you simply just need to tuck in the air tube inside the Lumbar Express pocket and it will seal; the Lumbar Express is that easy to use. Thanks to its compact size, the Lumbar Express can easily be used not only as a back support and cushion but also for support on your neck area or you can also choose to sit on the Lumbar Express for added cushioning to your lower body.

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