Lumi Doh - Your Child Will Love to Play with Dough that Glows

Letting your child play with clay or play dough is not only a really fun experience for them, but it also allows your child to use his or her imagination in order to come up with many unique designs that will surely help them in the future. However, if you find that the usual clay or play dough to be bland to play with, and you want your child to play with something that is a little more unique, then the Lumi Doh™ is the dough to get. Just like the other dough in the market, Lumi Doh is extremely stretchable and soft; it can stretch like rubber and hold its shape like dough. But what sets the Lumi Doh apart from the rest of the dough in the market is that Lumi Doh has a smooth and glossy surface and even glows in the dark. This gives your child many more possibilities to play with Lumi Doh. Your child can even come up with his or her decorations for a room, and your child will really love to see his creations once the lights are off. Lumi Doh are great for your children as they are non-toxic, have antibacterial properties and are even washable, and if you find your child's Lumi Doh creation to be really amazing, you can actually bake the Lumi Doh to make the creation permanent!

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