Magic Mend - The Fast and Easy Way to Fix Holes and Rips on Any Screen In Your Home

Do you use screens in your house in order to prevent insects and dirt from getting in, but you notice that your screens already has a number of rips to them? In the past, you will have had to replace the whole screen but with the Magic Mend™, you will not need to do that anymore. Magic Mend is the instant screen repair solution that will allow you to easily cover the rips on the screens around your house without having to replace the whole sheet. To use, all you need to do is to cut the Magic Mend to a size that is enough to cover the whole or rip, place the cut MagicMend onto the rip and simply heat it with a blow dryer. In just seconds, the Magic Mend adheres to the screen, instantly repairing the hole with ease. With Magic Mend, you can easily patch up small rips in the screens around your house, effectively preventing insects from invading your home while at the same time still allowing the air to move freely around your house. Also, Magic Mend will save you a lot of money as you will not need to replace whole sheets of screen just to get rid of the rips or holes that are allowing insects and dirt to freely get inside your home.

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