Magic Mesh - The Hands-Free Magnetic Door Cover Screen That Will Let Fresh Air In, And Keep Bugs Out

Having a screen door to keep out unwanted pests and insects is essential for any home. But they don't work quite as well as they should. That is why Magic Mesh® was invented. Imagine all those times that you wanted to leave your patio open to let in the fresh air. Then imagine when you or someone in your family went out and forgot to close the screen door. Remember how many bugs got in? Now think of that time you were having a party and had to bring a tray of food or drink out. Imagine the trouble of getting the screen door out of the way with your hands full. Not really a fond recollection is it? Magic Mesh solves all the problems of conventional screen doors with the simplicity of a magnet. Magic mesh will cover any entryway with an insect stopping screen curtain. Because its a curtain, people can walk right through the door cover, meaning no need to have them remember to close the screen, and no need to have your hands free. Then, after you pass through, the magnetic seam magically closes up on its own, keeping your home bug free. Magic Mesh is also perfect for pets, so that they no longer have to scratch your doors to get in, or ruin the screen door. Magic Mesh is also a great addition to campers and RVs, and will save you money by allowing you to use natural cooling instead of costly air conditioning. Get your very own set of Magic Mesh magnetic door covers today and keep your home openly cool and bug free at the same time. Order some today! Try the Official Magic Mesh® for Yourself for Only $19.99 with a Double Offer!

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