Magic Penny - Amazing Fun Tricks and Dazzling Decorations

Do you find that your living room area or home in general looks quite boring and you want to add items, decorations and the like that will make your house a much more interesting place? The Magic Penny™ is for you then. With this product in your home, you will surely be able to amaze the guests who stop by to visit. The Magic Penny kit comes with specially designed pennies as well as a set of magnets. With this combination, you will be able to create decorations that guests may not have seen before. Using the MagicPenny magnets as a base, you can create sculptures and designs out of the pennies without the need for glue or strings, as they will be kept upright by the magnetic force from the Magic Penny magnets. Along with using the Magic Penny as decorations, you can also do fun and dazzling tricks with your friends that will surely amaze them. For example, you can allow pennies to move up of ramps and inclined objects without you touching them. You can also allow your penny-based design to spin by simply just blowing on them. With the Magic Penny kit and the included 64-page illustrated guide book, you will be able to create never before seen decorations and dazzle your friends with magnet-based tricks that will surely give them a lot of fun and enjoyment.

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