Magic Steamwave - Cook Delicious and Juicy Meals With Your Microwave

Reheating food with your microwave is definitely fast, but they can also dry out your food, making them quite unpleasant and difficult to eat. With the Magic Steamwave™ however, you can now reheat or cook food in your microwave while retaining all the natural juices and flavor which should make your meals much more delicious and enjoyable to heat. The Magic Steamwave transforms your microwave into a steam cooker which helps to lock in all of the moisture and juices into the food while still allowing for fast cooking. T use, all you need to do is to place he food that you want to cook or heat onto the Steamwave Caddy and place the lid. Then, just add water into the steam capsule and twist it to seal and heat with your microwave as usual. While your food heats or cooks, the water inside the MagicSteamwave will evaporate into super-hot steam that will not only aid in the cooking, but also ensures that the moisture and natural juices of the food stays inside. The result will be food that is perfectly cooked inside and out, and is very juicy as well. With Magic Steamwave, preparing truly delicious meals with your microwave is easy to do.

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