Magna Color - Let Your Kids Have A Blast With This 3D Art Dots Puzzle Game Board

Magna Color™! If your child loves drawing, coloring or any artistic pursuit, or if you want to get them into it, then you should get them a Magna Color studio! Magna Color is the only 3D Art Making Board that will give your kids more fun than your run of the mill puzzles and games. Magna Color uses colored magnets that dispense from special magnets pens to create 3D artwork that will wow not just your kids, but even you! The simple and easy to use Magna Color comes with a variety of background templates that your children can decorate with the special magnet pens. These colored magnets can even be stacked on top of each other, creating so many possible designs that your kids will lose themselves for hours making kooky and cool pictures with the Magna Color. After they have completed their design, special 3D glasses will let your child see their creation in dazzling 3D multiplying the fun and making them want to make even more fantastic combinations. And the beauty of it is, after they are done, all they have to do is push all the magnets back into the Magna Color and shake the Magna Color so that all the magnets go back to their respective dispenser pens, making cleanup a snap, and encouraging them to explore even more designs. Get your child a Magna Color today and give them a whole new world of fun to explore!

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