Make A Face Friends - These are Stuffed Animals Whose Look Your Child Can Easily Customize

Are you looking for stuffed toys that your child can play with and have fun for hours? Make A Face Friends™ is the product that you will want to get for your child then. As seen on, Make A Face Friends come in a number of cute and colorful designs so your child will most definitely find one that he or she likes. What makes the Make A Face Friends really awesome however is that you can easily change the stuffed toy's facial expressions. All your child needs to do is to pull of the mouth and eye patches from the Make A Face Friends and then reposition them or replace them with other patches included in the package in order to change the expressions that the Make A Face Friends give off. These patches stick onto the stuffed toy through a Velcro mechanism which means that your child can easily apply them on or pull them off as needed. Also, Make A Face Friends comes with a number of extra accessories that you can stick onto the toy as well as a special pouch for you to store these accessories into, so your child will definitely have a lot of fun playing with this toy.

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