Malibu Pilates - This Workout Machine from Susan Lucci Works to Burns Calories and Melt Away Fat.

Women all over the world want to look slim and sexy, like the stars who stroll along the beaches of Malibu. Susan Lucci, a promoter of the Malibu Pilates™ system, seems to have found the way to stay in the best shape possible, and wants to share it with women everywhere. The Malibu Pilates system has introduced a chair that works to lift, firm and sculpt all parts of the body in a single workout. Done for only 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week, individuals who have used the Malibu Pilates chair have seen their hips and thighs reduced by inches! Why spend countless hours in the gym when you can work your body effectively in the comfort of your own home? This inventive workout machine exercises the legs, the hips and buns, and also targets the abs to tone and sculpt them into the six pack everyone craves. Guided exercise work you through cardio moves that burn calories and melt away fat, while the adjustable spring resistance works muscles to sculpt and tone. The core tightening positions achieved with the Malibu Pilates chair cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Work your core, your legs, hips and buns just a few minutes a day and your body will change dramatically in no time!

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