Mantis XP Tiller - Be The Best Cultivator With This Amazing Tiller, Perfect For Gardens and Even Farms!

The Mantis XP Tiller® is here to make an amazing concept bigger and better. With the original Mantis, amazing power and effectiveness was delivered with a lightweight tiller that was not bulky and was very easy to use. With the Mantis XP Tiller, you get the same benefits from the original, but with a wider base to cover more ground easily, and with a bigger engine, to bring more power. You will still get the no more needs in one pass convenience you expect from your mantis. You will still get the amazing flexibility and tight turns you are accustomed to with the original. But the Mantis XP Tiller, with its improved parts, will do it faster, and with more power. Be an amazing cultivator by having the right tools for the job. Your garden will be a breeze to maintain and plant if you have the amazing Mantis XP Tiller. Reviews show that the convenience and effectiveness of the Mantis XP Tiller beats that of conventional tillers, that are heavy, bulky, and hard to use. In addition, the Mantis XP Tiller is proven to be a tireless work horse, working hard and long for as long as you need it. Get yourself a Mantis XP Tiller today! Your garden and your back will thank you for it! Try the Official Mantis® XP Tiller for Yourself with FREE Shipping and a One-Year Moneyback Guarantee!

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