Mattress Wedge - Prevent Sleeping Discomfort and Pillows Falling Off the Bed with this Product

To a majority of people, pillows are essential for a deep and restful sleep but there are times when the pillow can fall off of the bed due to the gap of the bed from the headboard, which can disturb and otherwise relaxing sleep experience. If you do not want this to happen again then the Mattress Wedge™ is a great product for you. This very innovative, patented solution will ensure that your pillow stay under your head and not under your bed. To use, all you need to do is place the Mattress Wedge on the head part of your bed, with its rear side resting on the headboard. This closes the gap, ensuring that your pillows do not fall off bed. What's great about the MattressWedge is that it works with all bed sizes, so no matter what type of bed you may have; the Mattress Wedge should work for you. As seen on, the Mattress Wedge features side pockets which you can use as a storage area for your mobile devices or toys for your kids, ensuring that these items are within easy reach whenever you need them while lying on the bed. The many innovative features make Mattress Wedge a truly great addition to any bedroom.

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