Max Lash - Reviews Say This Makes Lashes Look Longer and Fuller with Very Little Effort

Long eyelashes on women are considered by many to be attractive and very sexy but reality is that not every woman is blessed with long eyelashes and that conventional extensions can be difficult to put on and even more difficult to make them stay on. If you are looking for easy to apply and reliable extensions to your eye lashes then the Max Lash™ is the perfect product for you. Conventional eye lash extensions require that you peel off an adhesive strip and then stick the extensions onto your eye lash. The problem with these extensions is that they can be quite difficult to apply and that they fall off easily. This is definitely not the case with MaxLash. Max Lash involves 3D fiber lashes that actually adhere onto your eye lashes. This makes the extensions look very full and long, while at the same time retains their natural look. What a lot of reviews really love about the product is how easy it is to apply. Simply brush on the application gel onto your eyelashes and then apply the Max Lash fiber extensions using the included applicator, and then seal the extensions with the included sealer. The whole application process is definitely more convenient rather than having to fiddle with tricky to apply adhesive tape eye lash extensions. The Max Lash extensions stay much longer and are more durable on your eyelashes as well.

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