MaxGrip DashTray - The Automotive Organizer That Can be Mounted on Your Dashboard and Stay in Place

The MaxGrip DashTray™ is the ideal automotive organizer that grips and conforms to your dashboard and stays in place, regardless of the driving and street conditions. Maybe you were forced to make a sudden-floor stop, or a sharp turn, but still, your dash tray will stay in place. A stunt driving experiment where the car rode on two wheels showed that still, the MaxGrip DashTray stayed in place. All the above are reasons why you can safely rest assured that your valuables now have the ideal car organizer for your cell phone, garage remote, sunglasses, et al with guard rails to keep the items from falling, and slots to allow for cables. Now you can be spared the inconvenience of having junk fall under your feet or getting lost underneath the seat. With the MaxGrip DashTray, everything is kept in place and easily within reach. Even better, the MaxGrip DashTray uses no adhesives. Instead, the strength of this dash tray comes from max grip technology that grabs onto the dash and won't let go—it's practically magnetic, only better. The dash tray has a unique polythermal material that conforms and is mounted on any type of dashboard regardless of make and model of your car.

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