Measure-Matic - The Electronic Measuring Tape that Gives You an Automatic Digital Read Out. No More Hassles!

Conventional measuring tapes can be a handful to use. Some models snap back the moment you try to take notes on your measurements. The little marks on the tape are impossible to read. Worst of all, you can't use it to measure around corners or round objects because the tape doesn't bend properly. You would think with today's technology, they would have figured out a better way of making measuring tapes. Fact is they have, with the Measure-Matic™. The Measure-Matic is an electronic measuring tape that solves all the problems of conventional measuring tapes. You no longer have to count the number of marks to get an accurate measurement because the digital read out screen shows you the exact measurement in easy to read numbers. The retractable line is like a thread that you can bend around corners and even around complicated curves. The Measure-Matic even stores your measurement at the press of a button, so you no longer need to take notes. With the Measure-Matic, everything is automatic, and you will find yourself using it in more ways than your old measuring tape. Use it to measure your waist before clothes shopping. Or take it to the mall to see if that cabinet or chair fits in the corner you measured and stored earlier this morning. The curve measuring line can go around that lamp that needs a shade change, and that round pillar that needs some wall paper. Get a Measure-Matic today and start measuring away.

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