Micro Mug - This Product Helps Whip Up Quick Meals in Your Microwave

It sometimes cannot be avoided that you will feel hungry and want to eat something delicious and do so fast. If you are looking for a cooking tool that will facilitate this need to eat, then the Micro Mug™ is the product that you will surely want to get. As seen on www.buymicromug.com, what's great about the MicroMug is that it comes in just the right size wherein it is quite compact yet can still fit food ingredients that is enough for a single person. What really makes the Micro Mug great for whipping up quick meals however is that it features a specially engineered lid that will allow just the right level of heat and ventilation inside the mug. To prepare food, simply put in the in the ingredients that you want to cook, place the lid and lock it in place. As the microwave heats up the MicroMug contents, just the right levels of excess heat escape from the vented lid, ensuring that the food cooks fast and perfectly inside the mug. The Micro Mug kit also comes with a cookbook containing over 100 recipes, which should give you a lot of ideas on how to whip up delicious meals using the Micro Mug.

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