Micro Plus - This Bell and Howell Hearing Aid is Great for Seniors and Anyone Who Needs a Sound Amplifier

Bell and Howell are proud to bring you the Micro Plus™ hearing aid. Do not be fooled by the term hearing aid - this device isn't just for seniors. The Micro Plus is designed with the everyday user in mind. This discreet hearing aid will enhance your hearing, allowing you to hear sounds up to 90 feet away with crystal clarity. This is an invaluable talent, as many things in our lives are governed by the limitedness of our senses. And what's even more beautiful is, the compact design of the Micro Plus ensures that it looks like a cellphone attachment, preventing other people from noticing that you are using a hearing aid. Imagine being able to watch TV while someone else sleeps because you can hear what's going on even with the volume turned way down. Now think about being able to listen to conversations from people at the other end of the dining table at a party. Now imagine being able to hear the doorbell ring no matter where you are in your home. There are simply too many situations in life where you could benefit from enhanced hearing, and the Micro Plus by Bell and Howell will give you just that at a price you can afford. Get it today!

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