Micro Zoom - Reviews say this Product Will Transform your Mobile Device into a Microscope

Do you want to see truly small details in your surroundings or maybe want to easily fine print without the need for a microscope or magnifying glass? The Micro Zoom™ is a product that you will definitely find to be useful then. The manufacturer claims that this product will allow you to easily magnify items with your mobile device. As seen on www.getmicrozoom.com, simply attach the MicroZoom onto your mobile device's camera with the easy to operate spring clamp. Once in place, the Micro Zoom is able to magnify images up to 30x its original size and displays it on your mobile device's screen, allowing you to easily see and appreciate the minute details which may have been invisible initially. Reviews also love that the Micro Zoom offers a lot of added functionality like the built in LED light for example that not only enhances the view that you can get from the object whose image you are trying to magnify, but can also be used as a flashlight in case your mobile device does not have one. Also, the Micro Zoom will allow you to take great macro shots with your camera phone, and should allow you to capture amazing video or images that you, your family as well as your friends will enjoy.

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