MicroKnife 180 - Perhaps the Most Compact yet Still Extremely Useful Knife that You Can Get Today

The knife is one of the most essential tools that an individual can have as it can be used for utility as well as for survival purposes. If you find most knives available today to be big and bulky yet not reliable at cutting and you are looking for a more compact yet still effective alternative then the MicroKnife 180™ is the product that you are looking for. Upon initial inspection, you might think that the Micro Knife 180 is just a small, credit card sized object. However, opening up the product will reveal a 2.5 inch, razor sharp stainless steel blade that can easily cut through a wide variety of materials, making it ideal for outdoor work and cooking as well as great for self defense. Not only is the blade razor sharp but the handle is made to a high degree of quality as well. The handle/cover of the MicroKnife180 is made out of polypropylene, a durable material that can fold for thousands of times without breaking. What's great about the MicroKnife 180 is that after use, you can just easily fold it up and store inside your wallet, making it ideal and very easy for carrying wherever you go.

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