MicroTouch Tough Blade - This Shaving Kit Will Allow You to Enjoy a Clean Shave for Up to A Year

When it comes to grooming and getting rid of excess facial hair; men turn to razors in order to maintain their clean shave but the problem is that most of the replacement blades that these razors offer do not last that long and are quite expensive too. If you are looking for a shaving kit that will allow you to get a clean and close shave every time without the exorbitant cost then the MicroTouch Tough Blade™ is the product for you. The kit comes with a triple-bladed, Micro Touch Tough Blade Razor along with 12 replacement blades that will last you a year's worth of shaving. The MicroTouch ToughBlade razor features Germany-made, stainless steel blades that are guaranteed to stay sharp and resistant to tear for a much longer period of time than most razor blades available today. As seen on www.toughblade.com, the triple-blade design allows for very efficient shaving with the first blade lifting the hair, the second blade doing the cut and the third blade finishing the job which will result in a smooth and clean look. Also, the MicroTouch Tough Blade comes with a Microthin, non-stick surface that allows the Tough Blade razor to effortlessly glide over your skin, making the whole shaving process hassle-free and will also help prevent nicks and cuts from happening.

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