Middle Baker - The Easy to Use Tool that Will Allow you to Achieve Baking and General Cooking Perfection

Do you love to bake cakes and pastries but you hate the fact that the center of the food usually ends up undercooked? Sure, a solution would be to increase the heat but this can cause the edges of what you are baking to get overcooked as well, but with the Middle Baker™, this will not be a problem anymore. It is a very easy to use baking tool that will allow you to bake cakes and pastries to perfection, without causing the edges to become overcooked. To use, all you need to do is spray some non-stick cooking solution onto the Middle Baker and position it in the middle of the pan before cooking. The Middle Baker captures heat and distributes it evenly into the center of the dish that you are cooking. This allows the center portion of the dish to cook just as fast as the edges, preventing undercooked centers and overcooked edges from happening. The Middle Baker is not only useful in baking but can also be used as an ingredient separator for other cooking applications. The Middle Baker is truly one kitchen accessory that you will want to have if you really love to cook.

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