Mighty Blaster Firemans Nozzle - This Amazing Hose Add-on Gives All the Power You Need for a Majority of Cleaning Tasks

Do you find that your garden hose does not give you all of the power that you need f or cleaning the different areas of your house like the garage and garden as well as your car? The Mighty Blaster Firemans Nozzle™ is one hose add-on that you should get then. Conventional hose nozzles promise to drastically increase your garden hose's spraying power, but these nozzles usually end up short. Not the Mighty Blaster Fireman's Nozzle though. It is a heavy duty spray nozzle that adds a lot more functionality and spraying power to your garden hose. In fact, you can adjust the Might Blaster Fireman's Nozzle to deliver over 50% more spraying power than just your conventional garden hose, and will allow you to spray a strong stream of water of up to 30 feet while at the same time using 40% less water in the process. You have multiple levels of power as well as a mist function that you can access by simply giving the Nozzle a twist. Reviews love the Mighty Blaster Fireman's Nozzle as it is powerful and versatile enough to allow it to perform admirably in a myriad of house cleaning functions with very little hassle.

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