Mighty Mendit - Mend It All with this Fabric Repair Bonding Adhesive to Fix Tears, Rips, and More. From Billy Mays.

When there's a tear and you don't have time for repairs you need Mighty Mendit™, the amazing fabric repair product that instantly mends torn clothes, furniture and all fabrics without sewing, gluing or tossing money in the trash. Just see what famous products tester Billy Mays has to say in his reviews of Mighty Mendit: "It's the fastest way to mend, hem and wear it again - saving you money...it has the strength to withstand storm force winds. Amazing!" As seen on TV, Mighty Mend It is not a glue, but a flexible bonding agent you simply apply to your tear, gently press the fabric together, and it dries for a permanent bond that outlasts 50 washings. The secret to Mighty Mendit's powerful fabric repair properties is in the revolutionary formula that interlocks fibers and dries crystal clear - nobody will know you've saved time and money with Mighty Mendit. In fact, Mighty Mend It is so strong a professional skydiver used it to mend his parachute - before floating safely to the ground after a 13,000-foot leap with that same parachute! Mighty Mendit is perfect for almost any fabric - furniture, pants, jeans, denim, leather, lace, covers, pillows, bedding - for anything that tears, Mighty Mendit repairs. Mighty Mendit is also an excellent acid-free craft adhesive, keeping your scrapbook clean and durable. You'll get one large bottle big enough to make repairs in your entire house. But best of all, order right now and you'll get triple the order - that's 3 large bottles of Mighty Mendit plus a bonus Mighty Gemit - perfect for adding colored gems to clothing, drapes, pillows, cell phones, purses and more - absolutely free. Stop wasting money throwing away your favorite clothes and stop wasting time sloppily sewing your good wardrobe. Instantly repair it with Mighty Mendit today.

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