Mighty Spot - Effectively Seal Leaks and Gaps in Your Home

Do you find that it is difficult for you to make seals of leaks and gaps inside your home and you do not have a caulking gun readily available to make the process a lot easier? Mighty Spot™ would be the perfect product for you then. It combines the great sealing capability of rubberized sealants with the accuracy of a caulking gun. Mighty Spot features a rubberized sealant formula that makes it better and more versatile at sealing leaks and gaps and protecting surfaces better than water based caulking solutions. Mighty Spot's sealant formula is also more flexible and does not crack over time, making the seal last longer and is definitely more reliable. It is also mold and mildew resistant, making the Migthy Spot perfect for repairs in the bathroom or in the kitchen. When it's time for application, the Mighty Spot's thin tip makes it very easy to seal even the tightest spots in your house. The MightySpot also stops releasing sealant when you want it to, making the seal more effective and reduces mess as well. With the Mighty Spot, repairing leaks and gaps inside your house and keeping these repairs clean and looking professional is easy and extremely convenient to do.

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