Mister Steamy - Let your Dryers do the Ironing with these Dryer Balls

Let's face it. Ironing clothes can be a chore. It can be time consuming and can sometimes be hard to do right, especially if you're pressed for time. When you use the Mister Steamy™, these convenient dryer balls easily eliminate wrinkles from your clothes, making them ready to wear straight out of your dryer. All you have to do is fill up the Mister Steamy dryer ball with some clean water or the fresh shot liquid that comes with your purchase. After which, you just toss the Mister Steamy ball into your dryer and you are well on your way to getting wrinkle-free clothes. Just when you thought dryers were only limited to drying your clothes, Mister Steamy will give you reason to think again. While inside the dryer, the Mister Steamy ball releases steam through the holes and eliminates wrinkles from your clothes. Not only does it get rid of those creases, it also softens clothes and can even eliminate bad odors. Reviews and testimonials from consumers have agreed that Mister Steamy makes for an effective alternative to ironing. If you want the achieve that freshly pressed without all the effort, then the Mister Steamy Dryer balls are just the thing you need.

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