Mix N Bake - Make Baking a Cake a Whole Lot Easier With This Amazing Pan

Serving cake after a hearty dinner or for a snack is a delicious treat that your family and guests will surely enjoy. Baking one though can be quite tough, as you will need different types of pans, cooking tools, and a lot of ingredients to mix, but this can be made a lot easier with the Mix N Bake™, the revolutionary baking pan that will surely transform the way you bake cakes. The Mix N Bake is made out of bake proof silicone that you can easily pop into the oven for cooking. Out of the box, the Mix N Bake is a deep bowl that allows you to easily mix batter as well as other baking ingredients. When the mixing and preparation is done, all you have to do is to press downward on the sides of the Mix N Bake until you feel it pop. This gives you a uniform and flat surface to give your cake a perfect shape, then just pop it into the oven and you are ready to cook. With the Mix N Bake, you do not need to use different trays to do the baking, making it a lot less hassle to prepare your ingredients and makes cleanup very easy as well.

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